30 December 2010

Late update

Today is not as tiring somehow although we walked for 2 hours at 3.30am in the morning...

This is not the first time I walk this trial but definitely feel much better as the last time was drizzling when I walked.

This time was chilling cold though and I can't even sweat for a little. Hualian is a peaceful place and the sky has so much stars, I am really really happy to see so much stars around. For 2 hours I walked, I was looking up upon those stars most of the time!

We did a lot at JingSi abode(靜思精舍) today and somehow I didn't feel sleepy today :) I get to understand a lot of things today which I don't really give a damn before.

For the first time I feel inner peace or should I say getting to understand the feeling of it... I am going through a stage of realization...

Have been fighting alone for really long. Sometimes I really wish there are people who stand by me and understand what I learn and fight with me! Or maybe just one special one might do xD

This is the farm of the abode..
The nuns here live by earning and working each and everyday.
No work, no food!(一日不做一日不食)this is the spirit here! They live on their own and build with own earnings through candle making etc... Not seeking donation to sustain the abode.

There are a lot of stories and each stories has something to learn... I just need more
Concentration and understanding maybe...

Really starting to appreciate everything and I become a much happy person without so much burden. Hopefully I can!

Time to sleep!!!
Get to sleep early today as there is no meeting tonight =>
It's not even 11pm

28th of December

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