27 April 2010


Well, whoever watched KICK ASS
I am sure you guys remember this scene~
Yea, in the Red Mobile xD

Anyway this particular scene reminded Joe who reminded me how great that song was!


by Gnarls Barkley

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo
In so much space
And when you're out there
Without care
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy
Does that make me crazy
Does that make me crazy

And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice
That's my only advice

Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are
Ha ha ha bless your soul
You really think you're in control

Well, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Just like me

My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember is thinking, I want to be like them

Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun
And it's no coincidence I've come
And I can die when I'm done

But maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

I remember this song rather well as it was such a hit last time xD
It's really a kick ass song~ lol

26 April 2010

Officially 21

I was officially 21 yesterday
It was the most peaceful birthday i ever had in my life =)

For the whole day
The only significant thing i did was replying those wishes i get in facebook
Dad was away to Malacca for the whole day
Mum went out for some activity an hour after i woke up
Leaving me a red packet with some blessings
It was the first time i actually get something for my birthday other than a cake from anyone of my family
I was left alone with my little bro
We had instant noodle for lunch~ lol

I had to go to college for a group discussion regarding a forum which was supposed to be on this morning
but, it was postponed somehow....
So i actually waited at home for awhile, hoping that dad or mum would be back before i go to college...
In the end, i had to leave for college as it was getting late, without any pocket money -.-''
Luckily i received a red packet in the morning xD

That's how yesterday was, my 21st Birthday~
It was good though...
It might not be extra ordinary fun or some fancy celebrations and stuff
I don't even get to cut a cake yesterday~
But somehow, i just feel so peaceful....

Of course, special thanks to my fellow M-ian who celebrated for me the day before yesterday~
With a cake =)
Also, thanks for the present too! haha~

As well as my buddy since kindergarten
Who purposely drove from Sri Kembangan to Taipan and treated me Coffee Bean~
Glad we talked~ It might just be 1 or 2 hours but yea~ i am glad =)

Also~ My mates at college who treated me to Red Box today...
Haha, it was fun actually~ Even the one who don't want to sing actually sung! xD
My college would have been sucks to the max if it weren't for them who spices thing up every now and then~

Everyone around the globe who wished me through facebook and sms~
I was happy to receive even a "happy birthday"
That's why i decided to reply each and everyone of you~

Thats all~
I am 21 now and definitely legal no matter which country i am in xD
Hopefully, I remember all those stupid stuff and mistakes I've made and never repeat them
Hopefully, I am stronger and more determined in order to overcome whatever obstacles
Hopefully, I'll have everyone's blessings with me from time to time

22 April 2010


This is a "parang" equivalent of the machete
It's because of the vegetation in Malaysia is much more woody
The parang is therefore optimized for a stronger chopping action with a heavier blade and a "sweet spot"
(info from wikipedia)

Despite being used for vegetation
In my country, parang have a rather wide usage
It can be a very useful and handy weapon for gang fight 
Or if you see someone you dislike, you can chop them up 
Given that you are a gang member who carry parang everywhere you go

It can be used to rob someone too
You go infront of someone you want to rob
Show your parang and basically people can't do anything about it

So in Malaysia,
If you see parang, it's better to run!

Last week, a buddy of mine told me that the area where he live
was invaded by "parang ninja"
The story?
Say, one of his neighbour heard some noise outisde
So, as normal person would do he went out and check out if something like flower pots or whatsoever fall down
Just when he came out of his house
A few ninjas sneaked up to him and place a parang around his neck!
Yes... in still in the compound of his house =/
So there goes a few thousands ringgit worth of properties he had in his house
With a parang around your neck, you can only give whatever you have and hope they wouldn't chop you

My buddy told us that
It's not the only case in that area
The police however, told them they knew which gang of robbers did these
The same gang had rob another area last month and they now move to another area
So i wonder, how many area will these robbers be allowed to rob before they are being caught?
Or maybe they can keep hopping from area to area, and never get caught? =/
I don't know, but as we all know the police(PDRM) in our country are Cepat(fast), Mesra(friendly), Betul(accurate)!

Here is a video about a robbery with parang, again...
Caught on CCTV

Don't know if they are still running freely or in the jail now
But no matter where you are, beware of PARANG!

21 April 2010

In Slow Pace

I really did slow down my pace lately
You might call that a break, but i don't feel like it is really some sort of a break
The fact is, i realized i am able to see a lot of things i never saw or even realized when i wasn't this slow
It's true that in order to be successful, you shouldn't slow down your pace at all
Given that you aren't lost though

I was lost awhile ago
That's why i guess i should take things slow for awhile
Some say that life is too short to be slow
Some say that you should just keep trying when you are young

The fact is
What is everyone trying to achieve in life?
Youngster are always filled up with dreams
Getting into business
Earn well enough to be in high status quo
Have a good partner in life

But, how everyone define success are different
Some want to earn their first 1million before 35
Some want to drive sport cars and have a mansion
What happen if you get what you dream of?
You set another target and life goes on
Until you are six foot underground

It's good to have dreams
Keep you motivated =)

Just want to say that
Ask yourself why you wanted to achieve that certain something
What would you do if you really did achieve it
Don't get lost in the way and feel empty when you finally get what you want

Just like someone who saw something attractive
Struggle within and finally buy it
Ended up realized it's something not needed or regret after that

Or some guy in a movie
Who have been wanting to revenge
Feels empty when he finally got to revenge xD

Anyway here is something i want to share
Have been listening to the theme song of "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" lately


It just made me relax in many ways =) 

16 April 2010

李治廷 Aarif Lee

Yes, it's him
I knew him from the movie Echoes of the Rainbow 岁月神偷
My first impression toward him in the movie was
“Is hits LeeHom?"
but when i look further, he has his own charm in him
He can act quite well too as a first timer =)
He do look identical with Raymon Lam(林峰) too~
So i guess he is good looking? lol

Anyhow, he was the one who sang the theme song of the movie
As i was searching for the song, i came across his album

Here is the theme song~
Press here for more info about this guy =)

15 April 2010

Glasses of Water

If i were to talk about my life for the past 20 years
I can only say that throughout my life I have been given a lot of empty glasses
Yet, i realize never fill any of the glasses full
Some i just put in a fill drops, some i fill it half

Why was it so hard for me to fill them up?
Even if i have fill one of them, just one!
Maybe my life would be completely different

Now, all i can do is empty all those glasses and try to fill a few that I really like
Hopefully, make them full this time

13 April 2010

Review : Echoes Of The Rainbow 歲月神偷

My eyes were still teary when i stood up from my seat
The plot of it wasn't anything new or special
It was those plot where
"A family of four
Struggle to survive through the 60s
The brighter child had cancer
He was in love with a girl whom her status was very much higher
He finally died~ "

I felt touched by
How the story was brought out in the view of the younger child
How the awesome director, actors and actress brought the story to life
How the family have to struggle so much yet, they feel happy together
How the movie brought out a lot of messages behind of it
For me, everything just click together and made an awesome movie

There are just too many scenes which went into my heart
Although i am not a Hongkie but the movie have a lot of background details about the lifestyle of Honkie that time that has a big contrast with the lifestyle they have today

The Chinese name for this movie is "Thief of Time"
Which i think it meant how a lot of the spirits and hardships as well as the cultures faded as time past
With a simple story, yet showing how much hardships can these normal people went through
Without the old generations, there won't be what we have today
Life is always full of surprises doesn't matter it's for good or bad
It's a story of a poor family on how they faces everyday challenges, ups & downs

The understanding of the story and those minor little details in the movies can be varies for everyone
But i guess you really have to feel the movie and try to have your own understandings
I truly recommend this movies for everyone

Just sit down, relax, watch it carefully
You might get a lot of thoughts running through your minds
You might as well realized a lot of things
You might be crying and smiling over some scenes as well
Just like I do... for now =)

09 April 2010


It was in a corner in my parent's room
look at it and tried recalling when was the last time we spend time together
I can't remember though......

I was form 2 when i started learning
I wouldn't say i love it a lot but i really enjoy playing it most of the time
My teacher said i was a fast learner

I learned for 4 years 
Learned tons of songs
Happy with the knowledge of chords i acquired
Was satisfied with my fingering skills as well

I always enjoy playing my guitar
Wonder when though, i started to notice of it lesser and lesser
If i haven't spotted it at the corner of the room just now
I wouldn't have took it up and try to play it
I definitely wouldn't realize how much my skills had gone rotten =(

My left arm get sore faster than i thought
My fingers get pain sooner than it used to

See those dusts?
Sorry i did abandoned you~ 

08 April 2010

Early Morning

It was 6.30am
I have no idea what hit me but somehow i took my camera and walk around 
snapping random photos i found interesting

I have been staying in the area for 1 year and 3 months now 
This was actually the very first time i walk around and exploring things around here
I usually hopped onto my car after i came out from the house i am renting, never have i walk around before

It was rather cloudy this morning
The sky was grayish at some point 
Felt like it was going to rain but i continue walking
Taking my camera in my hands, people looked at me with curiosity
I was the only one walking around the park not wearing a sport shoes and below the age of 40 =)

I enjoy the serenity and calmness in the morning
Birds chirping and some breeze coming toward me
The feeling was great!!!

Well of course once in awhile

It just reminded me nothing is perfect in this world
Still there are those who try hard and want to survive


Just to see the beauty of dawn 
Recharge and work harder remembering the beauty of this world