15 April 2010

Glasses of Water

If i were to talk about my life for the past 20 years
I can only say that throughout my life I have been given a lot of empty glasses
Yet, i realize never fill any of the glasses full
Some i just put in a fill drops, some i fill it half

Why was it so hard for me to fill them up?
Even if i have fill one of them, just one!
Maybe my life would be completely different

Now, all i can do is empty all those glasses and try to fill a few that I really like
Hopefully, make them full this time


  1. will you drink them? that is the point

  2. eh...if i drink them, they will be empty...
    I want them to be full~ lol not for drink

  3. nono...u drink them, means u use them. its going to be empty again but it becomes level 2! u up level liao!

  4. cheh.... different way of interpretation~ lol
    But if you put it that way..fine! I'll drink them... lol