24 June 2010

What The Simpsons done for me

I don't really know when all of these started
but my siblings and I would just sit in front of the TV whenever The Simpsons is showing
It just never fail in making us laugh!
Awww good memories =)

The Simpsons family consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie
They are simply awesome to me!
I will just go to youtube and search for some video about them whenever i need to laugh
Here's some which i thought were good =)

I sure hope they made you laugh too!
Thanks to whoever created all these yellow skin people in the city of Springfield!

22 June 2010

PUDU JAIL demolition - 21.06.2010

The news was on the internet and Facebook for the last couple of days
It seems most Malaysians are talking of it
The demolition of the 115 years old Pudu Jail

It wasn't some important building with great history
To be honest i have very little knowledge about this particular jail
but i do appreciate it every single time i passed by it

I guessed everyone will miss particularly the murals painted non the wall around the compound
A 300 meters long mural wall which was 115 years old =(
According to the news, the total time consumed to paint the murals exceed 1000 hours @.@
Now what's left of that 1000 hours and 2000 liters of paints are just photographs

I wouldn't say i am upset or anything
Just a little bit sad and disappointed but what can i do?
When everyone is complaining yet the government ignore what the people said about the demolition.
I did felt a bit funny when the MP for Bkt Bintang of DAP asked why it is not being retained as part of our country's heritage but get a funny answer like "To our opinion, it's not something to be proud of" by Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussain of UMNO.

From my point of view, it was history that made us who we are
I truly believe that whenever overseas tourists passed by a building like the Pudu Jail
They will be curious and want to know what's the story behind it as I myself did the same the first time i saw it when i was small.

It's not something to be proud of simply because no effort have been made to make it a true landmark
My biggest fear is that they build something ugly and stupid on that place after the demolition
I personally think that that area have very sufficient shopping malls already
I mean, why do you need 2 McDonalds with both of them just opposite of each other?
Get it? =/

Yes, most people are upset to hear the news
It should be something to be retained as part of Malaysia's Heritage
But yea, let keep everything in memories and hope the decision will really benefit us Malaysians
Not just 1 or 2 people

21 June 2010

Stories of Toys

Just came home watching Toy Story 3
What can i say?
I somehow tears a little
Just a bit okay?!

It just brought back so much memories
I remember how i used to love Toy Story when it released
I also recalled how much Toy Story 2 made me laugh and how i watch it again and again with my brothers whenever we saw it on Disney Channel =)

I am sure everyone think of their best companion when their were a child back then when they watch Toy Story 3
The fact is, I don't have a Woody or Buzz Lightyear from my childhood
All i had was Lego passed to me from my elder brothers and later on i passed them to my little brother =(

Anyhow, Toy Story 3 was great for me
Despite all the emotion rides in the movie, you can't stop laughing as well.
Even though the big plot of it wasn't extraordinary or whatsoever
The small details that linger around the plot are awesome!
I would say it is the best among the 3 Toy Story movies...

Whats amazing about Toy Story series was the bonds of friendship between the toys and they are always there for each other.
Its much more then just seeing a bunch of toys walking around making stupid jokes
I really just enjoy myself a lot =)
Thank you Disney & Pixar for the amazing sequence of the trilogy!

A lot of movies have bad sequences like Aladdin, Lion King or even the not so amazing Spiderman and the overrated Transformers but Toy Story done well for me!

I just love these guys =)
Thank you for the 15 years of great entertainment!
Go catch them in the cinema now!!

Childhood is always the best, no?

03 June 2010

Bad mood

I would say I never really done anything bad in my life
I don't even know how to make lies
I don't know if someone ever call me a bad guy before

So what?!
Even if I live my life minding my own business
Not messing around with other people's life
Still, my life was messed up

I just don't understand why this kind of things happen to me
I would always tell myself to endure every encounters and try to solve them
What happens when things get out of hand?
I end up like a trash?

Things that I typed in this post might not make any sense
Maybe I am just frustrated
I just hope I can live like most of the people around me
It just sucks when you fed up over yourself =(

How I hope I can always be like that
Eating chocolates making myself happy