28 May 2010

Go On

I guessed i was carried away
Good that i had some times to think things through today

Have been moving around for the last 2 weeks

Finally i am at home going on slow pace again
Am having slight fever actually but i guess will be alright in no time

Time seems to be running fast
I need to get on my feet again
Hope i wont get carry away this time =)

19 May 2010

Exam is OVER!

Exam is over =)

It was actually a fun way to end this semester's examination
The gang, as usual are full of jokes!
But i guess, thats what make the whole thing interesting no?

I always answer my paper slowly
Taking my sweet time somehow >.<
But this time it's different~
We made a deal that the last one who came out from the examination room have to treat the other's drinks for the next meal!

One of the joker wrote down some of the important notes on his thigh -.-
One of the joker took pictures with his phone and tried to look at it but fail xD
The others just study and take exam lar~

Maybe it was because of the bet on that drink
This is the 1st time i finish up my paper so so so fast....
I used around 35 minutes to answer 5 essay questions
It was also the 1st time i was quite confident with what i have answered
I guess i'll get around 80% out of the paper....hopefully xD
Maybe it was because i was competing with time, all that i have read through just keep flowing out

So my exam ended early =)
We managed to all came out after around 45 minutes the exam started
So while most people still sleeping or cracking their head in the hall, we go for our late lunch and i get my free occha for being the 1st one who came out

I kept telling myself not to affect the quality of my answer because of that stupid bet
but maybe because of that, my brain function better? lol

When there are excitements and fun in the things you are doing
Everything seems simpler and more interesting that it should be =)

18 May 2010


Theng Wei just send me the link of this song
The melody are soothing
The tones are fantastic
And when i start to listen to the lyric
It's like a song for me!?!!!

Like to be alone
But can't like it too much~

Just enjoy the song =)



























陳綺貞 Cheer Chen

Its raining outside
Sitting alone in a cafe, watching over the drops of rain
My player started playing 旅行的意義 (Meaning of Travel) by 陳綺貞!
I couldn't stop myself from repeating it over and over since then.....



I don't remember who introduce me to the work of hers
One thing for sure is that, Theng Wei is a big fan of her~
So i get her songs from him and I am in love as well every since

Her songs never fail to get into my heart
Her voice is sweet as well =)
I can really keep repeating her album over and over again
Like, Tw said, 聽一萬次都不會厭~

Sorry i have yet to support any albums of her~
But now that i am sure,
The next album i gonna buy will be one of hers!

It just feel so wrong not supporting good albums and good artist =)

16 May 2010


I have around 550 friends in my Facebook's friend list
I actually took a quick browse over it yesterday and tried to delete some people whom i think i added but in the end he/she just remain a friend of mine in the list, but we actually don't know each other~

Ended up i still have around 550 friends in the list now >.<
The point is, i felt kinda sad when i look at the rather large amount
Every time when i feel like i want to talk to someone, i don't really know who to go to
Sometimes when i want to hang out, i don't know who to call or those i call is not free to entertain me
Doesn't matter i am in Subang, Kepong or PJ, i hanged out alone most of the time
Going bookstores, chilling at some cafe or even go to the cinema~

I won't say that i don't enjoy myself, is just that sometimes i wonder why do i spend time alone so much?
Where are those 550+ friends?
100 of them might be overseas
100 of them might be acquaintances
100 of them might be once close to me but not anymore but i don't know why
100 of them might be too busy or have their life stick with gf/bf or just that few friends they hang out with
the rest? i have no idea... =(

Some people tell me they actually am jealous of me for keeping in touch with primary, secondary, a-levels and college friends all together....
But somehow sometimes, i figure that maybe that's the reason i ain't particular close with anyone...
Other then my fellow M-ians who i hang out with when i am in Seremban, but that's all...
Even more than half of M-ians are not active anymore =(

I've always wanted to get to know more friends, explore more about different cultures and lifestyle and hang out with different kind of people.... but i guess it is a big fail!

I tried communicating with some people, not just one...but some....
But somehow sometimes i get ignored =(
Maybe it has been too long i spend time alone till i forgot how to communicate and keep people's interest?
Or maybe the world is so bad now that people will think that someone want to take advantage from own selves when they try to approach us? i really am confuse~

I guess i just hope that,
no matter where i am, i'll have someone to hang out with?

14 May 2010

The Land Before Time

There are tons of animations that we grew up watching, be it the Pokemon, Digimon, Powerpuff Girls or even those very classic ones like Cinderella, Snow White etc....

I was thinking which was my favorite and it struck me
As everyone are busy talking over Naruto and Bleach nowadays, i remember what i used to watch when i was small.

The Land Before Time

I still remembered i watched it for more than 10 times when i was younger
The film was made a year before i was born but i guess my parent taped it down and i watched it over and over and over again not knowing why
I just like Little Foot and his gang so much as well as the bond between him and his mother =)
Guess loves and friendship was what got me into the film

The story was beautiful, the songs are excellent
I remember how we used to sit in the living room and watch the film together, as a family


Don't lose your way 
With each passing day
You've come so far
Don't throw it away
Live believing
Dreams are for weaving
Wonders are waiting to start
Live your story
Faith, hope & glory
Hold to the truth in your heart

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I

Souls in the wind
Must learn how to bend
Seek out a star
Hold on to the end
Valley, mountain
There is a fountain
Washes our tears all away
Words are swaying
Someone is praying
Please let us come home to stay

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
Where clouds roll by
For you and I

When we are out there in the dark
We'll dream about the sun
In the dark we'll feel the light
Warm our hearts, everyone

If we hold on together
I know our dreams will never die
Dreams see us through to forever
As high as souls can fly
The clouds roll by
For you and I 


Good and meaningful memories indeed =) 

11 May 2010

Swimming with fishes (snorkeling)

I cant really describe how i felt like that time
but for sure i was pretty amazed
although most of the corals seems dead to me =(

It was my first time snorkeling
I wasn't excited before i jump into the sea
but once i put my head in and have a great view of what the underwater can offer me with
I just want to see more and more!

The 1st time was rather tiring
I have to keep checking on my parents and my little brother who couldn't swim
They weren't used to the snorkeling mask as well
Furthermore, i drank a lot of water before i went out to the 1st snorkeling trip as i was afraid of dehydration
Turn out, i kept thinking if i should pee in the sea -.-'' luckily i manage to hold it until the trip end xD
So the 1st snorkeling trip was rather an experience gaining one, can't really concentrate much on the activities down there~

                                                                            photo taken from adesblog

The 2nd trip was much better~
We went to Redang Marine Park and fishes are all around me when i got in to the water
It's really amazing seeing fishes with different sizes, colors and behaviors ~
I can just stay put at some particular point and observe what's going on
It was truly amazing!

                                                                                                  photo taken from azwan.my

The 3rd trip was at a rather deep location
The waves were much stronger compare to the previous ones
Not so much of fishes but more corals
I really felt sad when i saw those dead corals
I just hope everyone will just pay their part in protecting these corals as too much damage have been done =(

Snorkeling was real fun actually
It's truly amazing when packs of fishes swim around you =)
I think i'll go on more snorkeling trip if i have the chance and learn up diving too when i am financially capable~

02 May 2010

Of Hell & Heaven

I finally packed my stuff and am now going to stay in Kepong temporarily
It was a sunny day when i was packing
Made me sweat a lot =.=a

The weather is really getting crazier and crazier day by day
Just when i finish packing and get on my way from USJ, Subang to Kepong
The rain was so heavy along LDP that i have really minimal sight
The sky was grey, almost dark and i can only see those cars around me because of the lights
While my modulator's playing "heavenly days" by Gakky~
Which reminds me of Redang xD

I just came back from Redang Island few days back
Everything was so different~ lol

Get what i mean? haha
Well, maybe i didn't get to see the harsh side of the island~

Anyhow, just wondering how ironic life can be
People from the city work their asses off trying to apply holiday and go for a vacation at some rural places with nice sceneries, friendly people, to relax themselves and forget everything from the city for a short moment
While people from rural areas, despite living at beautiful places, doesn't have the chance to have a better life, so they work their way into the city in order to have a better lifestyle?

I really admire those who work on the vacation spot like Redang Island actually
Of course, they have to be passionate, and i admire their courage~
To let go everything and live on that island most of the time, serving tourists
Somehow, they seems satisfied =)

Well, different people live different life ~
Always be grateful with what we have =)

KL isn't hell as you can get almost anything, Redang isn't heaven as well as you might not like it if you are staying there long term as how you like it when you are on your vacation~
There isn't hell or heaven, just how you see things i guess =)