02 May 2010

Of Hell & Heaven

I finally packed my stuff and am now going to stay in Kepong temporarily
It was a sunny day when i was packing
Made me sweat a lot =.=a

The weather is really getting crazier and crazier day by day
Just when i finish packing and get on my way from USJ, Subang to Kepong
The rain was so heavy along LDP that i have really minimal sight
The sky was grey, almost dark and i can only see those cars around me because of the lights
While my modulator's playing "heavenly days" by Gakky~
Which reminds me of Redang xD

I just came back from Redang Island few days back
Everything was so different~ lol

Get what i mean? haha
Well, maybe i didn't get to see the harsh side of the island~

Anyhow, just wondering how ironic life can be
People from the city work their asses off trying to apply holiday and go for a vacation at some rural places with nice sceneries, friendly people, to relax themselves and forget everything from the city for a short moment
While people from rural areas, despite living at beautiful places, doesn't have the chance to have a better life, so they work their way into the city in order to have a better lifestyle?

I really admire those who work on the vacation spot like Redang Island actually
Of course, they have to be passionate, and i admire their courage~
To let go everything and live on that island most of the time, serving tourists
Somehow, they seems satisfied =)

Well, different people live different life ~
Always be grateful with what we have =)

KL isn't hell as you can get almost anything, Redang isn't heaven as well as you might not like it if you are staying there long term as how you like it when you are on your vacation~
There isn't hell or heaven, just how you see things i guess =)

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