11 May 2010

Swimming with fishes (snorkeling)

I cant really describe how i felt like that time
but for sure i was pretty amazed
although most of the corals seems dead to me =(

It was my first time snorkeling
I wasn't excited before i jump into the sea
but once i put my head in and have a great view of what the underwater can offer me with
I just want to see more and more!

The 1st time was rather tiring
I have to keep checking on my parents and my little brother who couldn't swim
They weren't used to the snorkeling mask as well
Furthermore, i drank a lot of water before i went out to the 1st snorkeling trip as i was afraid of dehydration
Turn out, i kept thinking if i should pee in the sea -.-'' luckily i manage to hold it until the trip end xD
So the 1st snorkeling trip was rather an experience gaining one, can't really concentrate much on the activities down there~

                                                                            photo taken from adesblog

The 2nd trip was much better~
We went to Redang Marine Park and fishes are all around me when i got in to the water
It's really amazing seeing fishes with different sizes, colors and behaviors ~
I can just stay put at some particular point and observe what's going on
It was truly amazing!

                                                                                                  photo taken from azwan.my

The 3rd trip was at a rather deep location
The waves were much stronger compare to the previous ones
Not so much of fishes but more corals
I really felt sad when i saw those dead corals
I just hope everyone will just pay their part in protecting these corals as too much damage have been done =(

Snorkeling was real fun actually
It's truly amazing when packs of fishes swim around you =)
I think i'll go on more snorkeling trip if i have the chance and learn up diving too when i am financially capable~


  1. great post!! surely did miss all the fishes i saw in my last snorkeling trip. But somehow i wonder, will the fishes be more happier without our curiosity ?? O_o

  2. Haha good question~ but we wouldn't ever know.... maybe they like our companion? it really depends how people are treating them i guess =D

  3. i want to take underwater pics too :( how?