16 May 2010


I have around 550 friends in my Facebook's friend list
I actually took a quick browse over it yesterday and tried to delete some people whom i think i added but in the end he/she just remain a friend of mine in the list, but we actually don't know each other~

Ended up i still have around 550 friends in the list now >.<
The point is, i felt kinda sad when i look at the rather large amount
Every time when i feel like i want to talk to someone, i don't really know who to go to
Sometimes when i want to hang out, i don't know who to call or those i call is not free to entertain me
Doesn't matter i am in Subang, Kepong or PJ, i hanged out alone most of the time
Going bookstores, chilling at some cafe or even go to the cinema~

I won't say that i don't enjoy myself, is just that sometimes i wonder why do i spend time alone so much?
Where are those 550+ friends?
100 of them might be overseas
100 of them might be acquaintances
100 of them might be once close to me but not anymore but i don't know why
100 of them might be too busy or have their life stick with gf/bf or just that few friends they hang out with
the rest? i have no idea... =(

Some people tell me they actually am jealous of me for keeping in touch with primary, secondary, a-levels and college friends all together....
But somehow sometimes, i figure that maybe that's the reason i ain't particular close with anyone...
Other then my fellow M-ians who i hang out with when i am in Seremban, but that's all...
Even more than half of M-ians are not active anymore =(

I've always wanted to get to know more friends, explore more about different cultures and lifestyle and hang out with different kind of people.... but i guess it is a big fail!

I tried communicating with some people, not just one...but some....
But somehow sometimes i get ignored =(
Maybe it has been too long i spend time alone till i forgot how to communicate and keep people's interest?
Or maybe the world is so bad now that people will think that someone want to take advantage from own selves when they try to approach us? i really am confuse~

I guess i just hope that,
no matter where i am, i'll have someone to hang out with?


  1. there 15 in mgroup,
    2 or 3 already married to another village..
    2 or 3 r not in msia


    i oso wanna knwo more ppl
    so i go find police?haha
    ignore me ba.nite

  2. i thought 16? lol why here only 15 >.< but i can't recall who not in the photo~
    Yealo... 2 or 3 marry out d, 2 or 3 no in msia, 2 or 3 invi.....

    LOL know more ppl den find police? haha cannot ignore u..u very wei!

  3. idk. maybe tmr i also go jusco myself d

  4. lol don't learn me...i go the curve on my own also =/

  5. i like your new blog layout! Clear and smart.

  6. I super like your header also gengyao!

  7. but i gonna change my header..

  8. lol no more gakky? wait you change den

  9. i also always want to know more people. i always cannot find people when want to do something. enlarge our network but at the same time, don't forget m group k! :)))

    i'm not invi anymore! :)

  10. hehe.. n u have 18 of the S-ians! well, maybe not all, but still.. =P
    i know that we all had been kinda here and there all these while, and there isnt even a msg sometimes, but still.. we're there. and we will always be there.. =)
    spam my fb more often la! hhahaha!
    n ps: Wen-Xin stresses that u're a great friend. and you really are!

  11. Yintse - Haha, can forget de meh? =/

    Xin - thanks you!!! haha yea i always like it whenever we hang out.... It's not something we do often but this group of people is always true and honest together =) Will spam more since you ask so =P

  12. i m joinin bak to group soon.after my final, i wil be bak to sbn le..wait for me=)

  13. lol you come back also talk on the phone only xD

  14. yuu... and me!!!!!
    I wanted to hang out !
    But too many factors stopping me to.
    so can only meet up in sban

  15. and you what?! lol Sban good enough liao! xD