30 July 2010

Awesome dance copy by Chinese =D

Felix shared this particular video earlier in his blog
I have to say, i was laughing so hard when i watched it!

I am sure everyone knows the famous GEE GEE GEE GEE song by Girls Generation (SNSD)
I was once addicted to it myself
The dance was awesome!

China always amused me with their copy abilities
There are like Kakashi, the copy ninja from Naruto...
So this time,
Yea just see for yourself =P

Watch till the end!
The best is always at the end =D
Just for some good laugh~

28 July 2010

1 Malaysia, in a pool

I am not trying to be praising myself, but I just have a rather dumb brain to understand maybe...
The question is.....
Why does people wear like they are going to "pasar malam(night market)" when they are swimming in a appropriate swimming pool?

There are notices around the pool stating only those who wore proper swimming attire are allowed, but clearly no one really cares these days....
I mean, why can't they just go get themselves a swim suit? or a swimming trunk?
I waited till I have one before I go ahead and swim, at least i follow the rule, a reasonable rule that is.

The thing about wearing t-shirt + underwear + pants in a swimming pool is that.....
The pool get really dirty real fast! It's like washing your clothes there you idiots....
I was surprised just now how low the visibility in the water was and it really disturbed me, a little bit...

I don't want to be discriminate but, here's the description of the people in the pool just now
There were 3 Chinese including me, all wearing swimming trunks
There were a big group of Malays, the guys were wearing pants  + underwear and the girls were wearing everything they could wear =.=
Same goes to most of the Indian girls in it just now....
But the good sign was, there were some of the Malay and Indian wearing proper attire.....
Why can't the other learn from them?

Why do people wear so much in a pool anyway?
All those clothes actually discomfort me when i wore like such for my snorkeling trips
I just couldn't understand...

Is swimming attire too expensive?
Ah well, if you don't want to spend, please swim in a river...
But with our current economic status as Malaysian, I think maybe some people only able to use their money on food and daily necessity, nothing more than that.....
I am just lucky to be in my family who can afford swimming trunks, so.... I am glad =)

Maybe i am paranoid or being annoyed for nothing...
but, maybe that's me......
I just don't like it that way........

See for yourselves

Hope you get what i mean =.=

27 July 2010


It's raining super heavily now..
The winds are singing and the drop of rains are like background music
It's actually odd for me to be writing a post now

I just want to share how serene I am at this moment
This will be the last week for my semester break
Things will be really different for me starting next week, lets just hope for a better different =)

Time really flies
I am glad I have people to grow up with, mentality wise.....

26 July 2010


A week ago, I actually deactivated my Facebook!
I don't really have a very good reason for it but i was determined that time

For the past 2 years, Facebook was a part of my life....
Every time I started my internet browser, one of the tabs must be Facebook...
Every time when i have nothing to do, I will go through all the status, links as well as photos posted by my friends
Every time I have some thoughts or quote, even a tiny little thing happening, it will be on my Facebook status

I really like it a lot to be able to know what's happening with everyone i care about through Facebook!
We shared thoughts, we talk things through, or even just plain spamming will be happy enough sometimes...
Facebook, it really is a very powerful networking tool for me, and really my friends and I or even relatives can always share our lives through Facebook whenever possible!

Now, I realized I have somehow misused this very powerful tool and neglected what it was meant to be to have Facebook =/
It somehow became a habit to me, click and refreshing my news feed when I don't feel like doing anything else...

I admit i am never a person who can control myself very well, so the 'dark side' of Facebook kinda attract me so much, at one point, I completely misused Facebook and totally plain wasting my time on it some of the time which, well, really very pathetic for me....

I do not deactivate my Facebook to show anything, I just want to prove to myself that I could survive very well without plain clicking it for the sake of Facebooking...
I really love the ideas of Facebook, a social networking site which probably connecting almost every single beings on this planet.....
BUT, I really was terrified how dependent was I on these kind of stuff, which mess up my life little by little without myself having conscious about it....

I will always reactivate my lovely account when i feels like it
For the meantime, maybe I will observe myself a little longer just to make sure the virus did not come back to me once more.....

Don't get me wrong, but its true that there will always be a lot of disadvantages doesn't matter how many advantages a certain thing have....
We just have to always remember to only utilize it but not misusing it =)
Very true, no? Somehow, i can type but no longer talk and social =.=

25 July 2010

Self Conflict

Have you really be in conflict with yourself that you feel like you are lost?
Sometimes I really don't understand myself at all....
As much as I wanted to be good, I always end up neglecting people around me.
I am just too attach to everything I am involve in!

I always sounded like I understand 
In the end, I always ended up not being to do as what i understand =/
Maybe I am just too pampered and all these while, taken things for granted

To certain point, I am really selfish
End up hurting people around me and only to regret after that
which was, a pain in the ass which lead to some sort of not happy mood like now @.@

I am really sorry =(
I really am, although i never show like I am....
I just hope there will be less conflict in me in the future
I just hope I can be less attach to everything and know how to choose
Yes, I am bad at making choices!!
I just don't know why =/

I really care a lot, but my actions always fail to show that
I will try to always keep in mind what i should
Please don't say talk bad about yourself when i was the wrong one
I just don't know what to say....

Not words can tell what I felt...
Not my English at least......

16 July 2010

A tiny bit of sweet memories

I was listening to an interview with Olivia Ong at 988 on the radio
Somehow, the whole interview reminded me of a certain someone
It did felt really weird for me.....

To be honest, I was a bit regret for not letting us knowing each other
Despite I tried to do it after that, it just proves that i was stupid to let myself completely rely on the virtual world
It was a bad habit of mine, from icq to msn till friendster or even facebook!
I just rely on them so much that actually forgot the best time was when it was face to face.
It was foolish, i know i was =/

I don't really remember when
but ever since, i type so much that i couldn't talk as well as i type
Still, it is always so different between virtual and reality
I have to learn to stick with reality now

However, I do appreciate all that had happened
I do appreciate us sitting side by side, face to face talking bits by bits
I think it is quite amazing despite never have i purposely tried to remember, i do remember most of the details
I am well aware that it has always been me alone that looking things at the different perspective
It's hard to merge two different worlds after all right?

Even though all along, i just want to talk like a friend, to really be a friend
but it is so different now for me

Maybe i was the only one being sensitive all these while but it doesn't matter now
I do take everything as sweet memories.

15 July 2010

Random update

Here's what happened.
I was driving and a lot of thoughts struck me
I came home, pet my dog and sit down in front of my laptop
All those thought went away

It's not like i am trying to update my blog for the sake of updating
but i really dislike it when i don't write anything for a long period of time
It's like my blog is being neglected =(

Lately, I've realized something.....
You know once in awhile when some people you don't usually talk to in msn send you a message
That's when your mind go "its probably some spam by those virus"
What i realized was, no not all those are spams!!
There are friends out there who actually wanted to talk to me =)
I am happy actually, cause some of  them actually told me they always felt better after talking with me, even just for a short moment~

I never knew when did I became a counselor or whatsoever
but i was really glad every time a friend feels good after chatting with me.
I really don't mind when people only find me to share their problems
Because every time i will have a wide smile knowing someone is appreciating my presence

However, every time I forgot to apply whatever i said to myself
Kinda pathetic to be able to help people around me but not myself no?
I hope i have a reminder or something, hmm....

Maybe i should change the way I am living now
Be more organize and paste a lot of stuff on my wall as reminders?
I need suggestions......