15 July 2010

Random update

Here's what happened.
I was driving and a lot of thoughts struck me
I came home, pet my dog and sit down in front of my laptop
All those thought went away

It's not like i am trying to update my blog for the sake of updating
but i really dislike it when i don't write anything for a long period of time
It's like my blog is being neglected =(

Lately, I've realized something.....
You know once in awhile when some people you don't usually talk to in msn send you a message
That's when your mind go "its probably some spam by those virus"
What i realized was, no not all those are spams!!
There are friends out there who actually wanted to talk to me =)
I am happy actually, cause some of  them actually told me they always felt better after talking with me, even just for a short moment~

I never knew when did I became a counselor or whatsoever
but i was really glad every time a friend feels good after chatting with me.
I really don't mind when people only find me to share their problems
Because every time i will have a wide smile knowing someone is appreciating my presence

However, every time I forgot to apply whatever i said to myself
Kinda pathetic to be able to help people around me but not myself no?
I hope i have a reminder or something, hmm....

Maybe i should change the way I am living now
Be more organize and paste a lot of stuff on my wall as reminders?
I need suggestions......


  1. haha. you're helpful to ppl but helpless to yourself.
    can la! paste sth on ur wall. set as reminder in ur phone XD

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