25 July 2010

Self Conflict

Have you really be in conflict with yourself that you feel like you are lost?
Sometimes I really don't understand myself at all....
As much as I wanted to be good, I always end up neglecting people around me.
I am just too attach to everything I am involve in!

I always sounded like I understand 
In the end, I always ended up not being to do as what i understand =/
Maybe I am just too pampered and all these while, taken things for granted

To certain point, I am really selfish
End up hurting people around me and only to regret after that
which was, a pain in the ass which lead to some sort of not happy mood like now @.@

I am really sorry =(
I really am, although i never show like I am....
I just hope there will be less conflict in me in the future
I just hope I can be less attach to everything and know how to choose
Yes, I am bad at making choices!!
I just don't know why =/

I really care a lot, but my actions always fail to show that
I will try to always keep in mind what i should
Please don't say talk bad about yourself when i was the wrong one
I just don't know what to say....

Not words can tell what I felt...
Not my English at least......


  1. you can always find me for a drink when you are in pj k...i dont mind to hear some story if there is any...

  2. Hmm, don't really have much stories to talk about, the post was more like a reminder for myself =)
    Thanks ah bao!!! xDD Will try my best to squeeze out sometimes to find you =D

  3. wow...busy life you have huh until have to s.q.u.e.e.z.e.o.u.t your time...alright...got it...haha...

  4. Haha no lar...when i am in sban i very free, but when i am up to KL i always go because i got something to do....so have to squeeze lor >.<