16 July 2010

A tiny bit of sweet memories

I was listening to an interview with Olivia Ong at 988 on the radio
Somehow, the whole interview reminded me of a certain someone
It did felt really weird for me.....

To be honest, I was a bit regret for not letting us knowing each other
Despite I tried to do it after that, it just proves that i was stupid to let myself completely rely on the virtual world
It was a bad habit of mine, from icq to msn till friendster or even facebook!
I just rely on them so much that actually forgot the best time was when it was face to face.
It was foolish, i know i was =/

I don't really remember when
but ever since, i type so much that i couldn't talk as well as i type
Still, it is always so different between virtual and reality
I have to learn to stick with reality now

However, I do appreciate all that had happened
I do appreciate us sitting side by side, face to face talking bits by bits
I think it is quite amazing despite never have i purposely tried to remember, i do remember most of the details
I am well aware that it has always been me alone that looking things at the different perspective
It's hard to merge two different worlds after all right?

Even though all along, i just want to talk like a friend, to really be a friend
but it is so different now for me

Maybe i was the only one being sensitive all these while but it doesn't matter now
I do take everything as sweet memories.


  1. Eh, you are one hardheaded man, and weird enough, it doesn't annoy me. :D

    love you handsome!

  2. lol how heardheaded am i? and how weird? xDD

    Thanks a lot =) appreciate it~ hehe