21 June 2010

Stories of Toys

Just came home watching Toy Story 3
What can i say?
I somehow tears a little
Just a bit okay?!

It just brought back so much memories
I remember how i used to love Toy Story when it released
I also recalled how much Toy Story 2 made me laugh and how i watch it again and again with my brothers whenever we saw it on Disney Channel =)

I am sure everyone think of their best companion when their were a child back then when they watch Toy Story 3
The fact is, I don't have a Woody or Buzz Lightyear from my childhood
All i had was Lego passed to me from my elder brothers and later on i passed them to my little brother =(

Anyhow, Toy Story 3 was great for me
Despite all the emotion rides in the movie, you can't stop laughing as well.
Even though the big plot of it wasn't extraordinary or whatsoever
The small details that linger around the plot are awesome!
I would say it is the best among the 3 Toy Story movies...

Whats amazing about Toy Story series was the bonds of friendship between the toys and they are always there for each other.
Its much more then just seeing a bunch of toys walking around making stupid jokes
I really just enjoy myself a lot =)
Thank you Disney & Pixar for the amazing sequence of the trilogy!

A lot of movies have bad sequences like Aladdin, Lion King or even the not so amazing Spiderman and the overrated Transformers but Toy Story done well for me!

I just love these guys =)
Thank you for the 15 years of great entertainment!
Go catch them in the cinema now!!

Childhood is always the best, no?

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