03 June 2010

Bad mood

I would say I never really done anything bad in my life
I don't even know how to make lies
I don't know if someone ever call me a bad guy before

So what?!
Even if I live my life minding my own business
Not messing around with other people's life
Still, my life was messed up

I just don't understand why this kind of things happen to me
I would always tell myself to endure every encounters and try to solve them
What happens when things get out of hand?
I end up like a trash?

Things that I typed in this post might not make any sense
Maybe I am just frustrated
I just hope I can live like most of the people around me
It just sucks when you fed up over yourself =(

How I hope I can always be like that
Eating chocolates making myself happy


  1. So what is not working out for you?

  2. you can say it's a lesson learnt
    I don't really know, but i ain't happy for now...
    Maybe i didn't try and do good enough

  3. hey... I've got a suggestion... get these two books to read - 1) The monk who sold his Ferrari, and 2) How to win friends and Influence People. Must read. Don't be like me, regretted for not reading it earlier.

  4. Haha, noted~ will search for them next time i visit bookstore =)