22 April 2010


This is a "parang" equivalent of the machete
It's because of the vegetation in Malaysia is much more woody
The parang is therefore optimized for a stronger chopping action with a heavier blade and a "sweet spot"
(info from wikipedia)

Despite being used for vegetation
In my country, parang have a rather wide usage
It can be a very useful and handy weapon for gang fight 
Or if you see someone you dislike, you can chop them up 
Given that you are a gang member who carry parang everywhere you go

It can be used to rob someone too
You go infront of someone you want to rob
Show your parang and basically people can't do anything about it

So in Malaysia,
If you see parang, it's better to run!

Last week, a buddy of mine told me that the area where he live
was invaded by "parang ninja"
The story?
Say, one of his neighbour heard some noise outisde
So, as normal person would do he went out and check out if something like flower pots or whatsoever fall down
Just when he came out of his house
A few ninjas sneaked up to him and place a parang around his neck!
Yes... in still in the compound of his house =/
So there goes a few thousands ringgit worth of properties he had in his house
With a parang around your neck, you can only give whatever you have and hope they wouldn't chop you

My buddy told us that
It's not the only case in that area
The police however, told them they knew which gang of robbers did these
The same gang had rob another area last month and they now move to another area
So i wonder, how many area will these robbers be allowed to rob before they are being caught?
Or maybe they can keep hopping from area to area, and never get caught? =/
I don't know, but as we all know the police(PDRM) in our country are Cepat(fast), Mesra(friendly), Betul(accurate)!

Here is a video about a robbery with parang, again...
Caught on CCTV

Don't know if they are still running freely or in the jail now
But no matter where you are, beware of PARANG!

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