13 April 2010

Review : Echoes Of The Rainbow 歲月神偷

My eyes were still teary when i stood up from my seat
The plot of it wasn't anything new or special
It was those plot where
"A family of four
Struggle to survive through the 60s
The brighter child had cancer
He was in love with a girl whom her status was very much higher
He finally died~ "

I felt touched by
How the story was brought out in the view of the younger child
How the awesome director, actors and actress brought the story to life
How the family have to struggle so much yet, they feel happy together
How the movie brought out a lot of messages behind of it
For me, everything just click together and made an awesome movie

There are just too many scenes which went into my heart
Although i am not a Hongkie but the movie have a lot of background details about the lifestyle of Honkie that time that has a big contrast with the lifestyle they have today

The Chinese name for this movie is "Thief of Time"
Which i think it meant how a lot of the spirits and hardships as well as the cultures faded as time past
With a simple story, yet showing how much hardships can these normal people went through
Without the old generations, there won't be what we have today
Life is always full of surprises doesn't matter it's for good or bad
It's a story of a poor family on how they faces everyday challenges, ups & downs

The understanding of the story and those minor little details in the movies can be varies for everyone
But i guess you really have to feel the movie and try to have your own understandings
I truly recommend this movies for everyone

Just sit down, relax, watch it carefully
You might get a lot of thoughts running through your minds
You might as well realized a lot of things
You might be crying and smiling over some scenes as well
Just like I do... for now =)

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