09 April 2010


It was in a corner in my parent's room
look at it and tried recalling when was the last time we spend time together
I can't remember though......

I was form 2 when i started learning
I wouldn't say i love it a lot but i really enjoy playing it most of the time
My teacher said i was a fast learner

I learned for 4 years 
Learned tons of songs
Happy with the knowledge of chords i acquired
Was satisfied with my fingering skills as well

I always enjoy playing my guitar
Wonder when though, i started to notice of it lesser and lesser
If i haven't spotted it at the corner of the room just now
I wouldn't have took it up and try to play it
I definitely wouldn't realize how much my skills had gone rotten =(

My left arm get sore faster than i thought
My fingers get pain sooner than it used to

See those dusts?
Sorry i did abandoned you~