21 April 2010

In Slow Pace

I really did slow down my pace lately
You might call that a break, but i don't feel like it is really some sort of a break
The fact is, i realized i am able to see a lot of things i never saw or even realized when i wasn't this slow
It's true that in order to be successful, you shouldn't slow down your pace at all
Given that you aren't lost though

I was lost awhile ago
That's why i guess i should take things slow for awhile
Some say that life is too short to be slow
Some say that you should just keep trying when you are young

The fact is
What is everyone trying to achieve in life?
Youngster are always filled up with dreams
Getting into business
Earn well enough to be in high status quo
Have a good partner in life

But, how everyone define success are different
Some want to earn their first 1million before 35
Some want to drive sport cars and have a mansion
What happen if you get what you dream of?
You set another target and life goes on
Until you are six foot underground

It's good to have dreams
Keep you motivated =)

Just want to say that
Ask yourself why you wanted to achieve that certain something
What would you do if you really did achieve it
Don't get lost in the way and feel empty when you finally get what you want

Just like someone who saw something attractive
Struggle within and finally buy it
Ended up realized it's something not needed or regret after that

Or some guy in a movie
Who have been wanting to revenge
Feels empty when he finally got to revenge xD

Anyway here is something i want to share
Have been listening to the theme song of "Ice Kacang Puppy Love" lately


It just made me relax in many ways =) 


  1. u watch it already? ice kacang quite nice. =)

  2. Haha, yea i watched =) not bad~