26 April 2010

Officially 21

I was officially 21 yesterday
It was the most peaceful birthday i ever had in my life =)

For the whole day
The only significant thing i did was replying those wishes i get in facebook
Dad was away to Malacca for the whole day
Mum went out for some activity an hour after i woke up
Leaving me a red packet with some blessings
It was the first time i actually get something for my birthday other than a cake from anyone of my family
I was left alone with my little bro
We had instant noodle for lunch~ lol

I had to go to college for a group discussion regarding a forum which was supposed to be on this morning
but, it was postponed somehow....
So i actually waited at home for awhile, hoping that dad or mum would be back before i go to college...
In the end, i had to leave for college as it was getting late, without any pocket money -.-''
Luckily i received a red packet in the morning xD

That's how yesterday was, my 21st Birthday~
It was good though...
It might not be extra ordinary fun or some fancy celebrations and stuff
I don't even get to cut a cake yesterday~
But somehow, i just feel so peaceful....

Of course, special thanks to my fellow M-ian who celebrated for me the day before yesterday~
With a cake =)
Also, thanks for the present too! haha~

As well as my buddy since kindergarten
Who purposely drove from Sri Kembangan to Taipan and treated me Coffee Bean~
Glad we talked~ It might just be 1 or 2 hours but yea~ i am glad =)

Also~ My mates at college who treated me to Red Box today...
Haha, it was fun actually~ Even the one who don't want to sing actually sung! xD
My college would have been sucks to the max if it weren't for them who spices thing up every now and then~

Everyone around the globe who wished me through facebook and sms~
I was happy to receive even a "happy birthday"
That's why i decided to reply each and everyone of you~

Thats all~
I am 21 now and definitely legal no matter which country i am in xD
Hopefully, I remember all those stupid stuff and mistakes I've made and never repeat them
Hopefully, I am stronger and more determined in order to overcome whatever obstacles
Hopefully, I'll have everyone's blessings with me from time to time

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