03 January 2011


Haven't been able to write for a few days.. Has been really busy coordinating and making sure the first few days of the volunteer camp run smooth..

There were a little mess here and there but everything is still fine. I just hope this will be another memorable one like last one! Although my position for this one is different, I am grateful to be given the chance to service not only patients in the hospital bit as well as 50 people who join this camp from 7 different countries!

The abode is a really peaceful place although the living pace here is very fast. Everything need to be done effectively and efficiently as well as able to have a positive attitude toward everything. Troubles seems to be so far away somehow.

There might be a lot of things we must obey and follow that people might not understand but this is where we learn to respect. By respecting people, we gain people's respect at the same time.

Sometimes, things are just so peaceful and easy when life is simple. Let just hope I can continue living with the same attitude when this camp end.

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