26 December 2010

Busy Xmas

Merry Christmas!!!!!
It's one minute to 26th and...
Well, has been busy for the whole night so this is the only time I can write...

Have to wake up at 4.20am so this will be a shorter one hopefully :)

Was really tired when I woke up this morning and almost feel asleep during some of the lecture...

I will look at this image whenever I feel like I am falling asleep!
This is actually a "painting" made out of thousands of 1x1cm mosaic like thing and it is 5 story tall, inside the main hall of the 靜思堂... The whole atmosphere of this place is simply amazing :D

Get to know a lot about what our fellow friends from what they have done for the past year in today's conference and some are really amazing and creative!

The best thing is that I get to make friends with more people this time as everyone are really friendly...

Well time to rest now.... Till I am free... See ya!

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