25 December 2010

Xmas Eve already?

It's Christmas eve and yet another quiet and peaceful one for me...

Today was really tiring with traveling and with the start of those lessons... Hopefully i wouldn't get bored too soon...

Somehow many people recognize my face despite I cut my hair rather short and being so low profile all these while.

Didn't have much for my meals today as I was really tired and lost my appetite! Gonna get up an 4.30am every morning for the first week @.@ oh yes, I know right?

Had some thoughts about decisions today.. Really am very confuse with what should I do...
Help me Obi-wan Kenobi? Anyone??! Lol

Anyhow... I am really glad to meet those friends who I meet annually and yea, once a year yet feel like old friends :) well not all of course... But do looking forward to make more friends this time!!

No Christmas light here, luckily I have my iPod! Playing tons of Xmas songs now as lullaby now : D

Till then, signing out to bed @11pm 24-12-2010

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1 comment:

  1. owww this year you are going back again...
    have fun there...