27 December 2010

It's 11pm now and I don't really know what's the date! It's Sunday I think... but today was a sunny day : D

Have been really tiring with only about 4 hours of sleep every night. Gonna wake up at 3 tomorrow to walk back to JingSi abode! Around 10km I think... Kinda remind me of my days as Scout last time...

Have had some really amazing classes with awesome sharing from all sort of people and really got me realize more about the organization and also myself.

I just hope I can really digest all these in time with my super tired brain which can't really function well just like today >.< but I am still hanging on... I would be full of complains if I am still the same person as who I was a year ago... But guess I did become mature this time.

Have a big hole as big as my finger tip in my mouth now...
Still hanging on though it really affect me a lot.... Guess this is some sort of challenge for me :)

Gonna sleep now or I might faint tomorrow! Haha wish me the best if you would! I wish you well as well : )

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