31 August 2010

Life and life and life goes on....

Today is the last day of August
Yes National Day!

I was in the parking lot searching for parking with 2 of my buddies when people are counting down.
Come to think of it, I have a nice country...
Maybe just too much politics =/

My salary isn't bank in yet =(
Sigh, hasn't been a good week for me
but I am glad I have friends around.
Now I just hope I can get my pay faster and clear my debts!

Life is definitely getting interesting
Time is getting lesser and lesser
Hope I can manage my time wiser and better cause I really do sucks at it =(
Yet the clock ticks and ticks.....
Hope I can stop times...
That's why, I like Hiro Nakamura so much >.<

These 2 weeks I have realized  quite some things about life
Learn to accept, learn to let go, learn to continue learning....
I seems relax yet I seems stressful, I don't know which I am now.

I am in the China Press paper today
Press here to see what is it about but it's in Chinese
Not really proud of it but I really do want to share out the information.
Was surprise someone actually sms-ed and asked if that's really me in the paper >.<
The reason why I ain't proud is that,
I still eat meat every now and then....
But sometimes, I really have not much choices
I try my best to eat vege when I can.......

You can search it up in facebook!
Or you can ask me actually about it....
100 vege meals in 3 months.....
Not really that hard =)

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