23 August 2010

Of Glory or Disappointment?

Since earlier this year
The Shanghai Expo 2010 has been quite a topic
I myself wanted to pay a visit but couldn't afford it financially so I just browse through stuff about it online every now and then.....

Pavilions after Pavilions
I really felt good looking at those amazing work by different countries
Not all are amazing, but there are some really amazing ones.....
Even though I am a Malaysian, never have it came to my mind to search up my own country's Pavilion
I do came across links, I just never press them somehow
Don't ask me why, I just don't have the urge to do so =/

Anyhow, until recently I finally saw The Malaysia Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo in an article
Malaysia's Pavilion

From the looks of it, I don't see anything interesting actually...
The only thing that attracted my attention was the patterns on the roof...
Other than that, it just seems to be a giant Minangkabau house that look modern in term of colors and materials

Fine, it wasn't amazing....
Yet, when i read further.....
It is just a big "pasar malam" in the pavilion as well as a ridiculous mini golf course
Wonder how these represent our country 

Maybe I am outdated to be talking about such topic now
But was really sad to see the comments given... 
As a Malaysian..... 
It was just kinda disappointing to know more about the origin of the Pavilion itself

If you are interested, you can just see the comments here 

I don't really have much to say, just trying to share something that I think more Malaysian should know about

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