21 August 2010

Fatigue Body, Active Mind

Haven had a day as such for a really long time
My body is really fatigue but I am actually glad
Being out since 0930 till 0130 and constantly driving from one place to another
I never thought I could endure it as I only slept for some rather short hours the night before

I met 3 different groups of friends today
Morning – Afternoon 1st group
Afternoon – Evening 2nd group
Evening – Midnight 3rd group

I travelled around 200km today I think
Of course spent some money too
Get to know some new friends from each of the groups
It was really weird when everything happen together

Even after a long day
I choose to drive back going on a very unfamiliar path
Don’t really know what got into my mind at that moment
It was midnight and I just rely completely on instinct
After being talking and talking with various people for the whole day
Driving is the time where I am alone
Driving on a very unfamiliar road during midnight really made me think a lot

For the past 3 years, I will rush back to my hometown every weekend doesn’t matter how
For the past 3 weeks, I did not went back to my hometown
Not that I don’t miss anything there, but I am actually learning to let go
Trying not to be too persistent over certain things

Sometimes, doesn’t matter how much you want to hold onto something
You must learn adapt yourself to prepare for the time when you must let go of it
Life can be too short or too long depending on how you are spending your time
I want to feel that my life is short; I don’t want to feel like I have nothing to do even for a minute

 I don't know whats the most important thing in my life
What I wanted the most is a question I always ask myself
I do know what I am after, just not sure what is the supreme target
Maybe I know too much about reality 

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