09 August 2010

Of Good Songs from Great Drama

It was just randomly that I go into my Japanese Drama folder the other day
Ended up I re-watched the drama all over again....
Somehow, I realized how much I like this drama....

Proposal Daisakusen(求婚大作戰) also known as Operation Love
A drama of love and friendships
Made me laughed yet teared.....

山下 智久 Yamashita Tomohisa and 長澤 まさみ Nagasawa Masami

They are such cute together xD

Anyway not only did I love the drama but also the original soundtracks of it
Here are 2 of my favorites

Chiisana koi no uta


by Mongol 800 

by 桑田佳祐

I couldn't understand both of these songs when I first heard them
but the melody as well as the rhythm just made my blood flew faster >.<
Hope you guys enjoy them =)

Hallelujah CHANCE!

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