04 September 2010


Just came back from KLIA
Fetched my buddy there together with his parent
This was his 3rd time leaving for Canada
Going on to his 3rd year for his degree

I always like visiting the airport
Somehow I just feel delightful
It is a place where people separate
It is also a place where people get together

There can be people hugging,
welcoming their fellow friends or family members
There can be people hugging,
bidding farewell to their love ones
Some with wide smiles
Others, with tears rolling down their cheeks

Airport can be a magical place
There are all kinds of people there
Kinds of races, nationalities, cultures, languages,ages, professions etc
Maybe that's what I like about it

I always imagine myself with a small luggage
Walking in style to the counter
Take my boarding pass
Go have a coffee
Meet peoples

Yes, just like George Clooney
in the movie "Up in the Air"
I just adore his life in that movie
Maybe that's why I enjoyed that movie a lot

Even those who work in an airport, serving people
That can be interesting for me too
Well, of course not like Tom Hanks in
"The Terminal"
But hey, that was a great movie too =D

I just like to keep changing environments
Doing new things
Meeting new peoples
There might be too much limitations now

Maybe because I didn't have that kind of lifestyle now
That's why I am looking toward it
Maybe it will be boring if you do the same thing over and over again after all
But, I really do like airports =)

Why don't you tell me what you think?


  1. George Clooney looks damn smart in Up in the Air...but i dont wish you will become like him in the future...not because of his profession...but is in term of his life...

  2. Not same kind of life but similar xD
    I think I am quite alike with his character in the movie, though might be quite empty from time to times

  3. Zhen Long, I don't know what to say, but I want to let you know that I drop by and read your post. I don't like airport.. maybe because most of the time I'm sending someone or someone sending me. I hate that. I don't like to separate. :)

  4. Ting - Yea I know most people hate that feeling of being apart from each other. But for me, that's life and maybe its just me that have get used to such thing cause I send a lot of my friends away too.... But i send them off with blessings, doesn't means we can't meet again =) As long as there's airport, definitely everyone stay connected~

  5. Seems like we are in common liking the smell of the airport =)

  6. hmm.. i have to agree with you abt this. hehe..
    though i dun specially like airports, but i am always looking forward to the faces and smiles and hugs that ive missed for so, so, long. =D

  7. Xin - Haha, what you meant you missed so long? You just departed not long ago =P

  8. its still loooong. it have been a whole 3 weeks since i left home eh.. =P
    but anyway. yea. i wasnt referring to lund tis time. =P
    i was referring to my usual leaving msia for melb time. now tat is, long. =D hehehe..

  9. Xin - lol you said it all =P
    I hope I can take your place then =.=