16 September 2010

Did it again with Resident Evil

I did it again
I watched Resident Evil: Afterlife this afternoon all alone in 3D! lol

I wanted to just sit back and watch something that wouldn't need me to think much
Turn out, I made the right choice...
The actions and effects of Resident Evil: Afterlife was amazing in 3D
It kinda reminds me of The Matrix with all those slow-mo, just that it have a lousy story-line
It was a video game after all, so I couldn't expect much can't I?

Milla Jovovich as Alice kick ass and, she simply wouldn't get a scratch

Ali Larter isn't too bad either as Claire Redfield and somehow i just like her more xD

Wentworth Miller doesn't have much actions though =/

It was rather enjoyable to just sit back and watch water drops, bullets flying around you
Almost all the scenes have 3D effects and are very well done

Also, in case you don't know Mika Nakashima (中島 美嘉) 

made an appearance as herself as the 1st infected =D

It was a weird day actually
I never planned to watch this movie at all as I never watch the first three of its sequels
Luckily I read about what happened in the first three movies few months back
Anyhow, it turn out not bad to have a nice 3D movie once in awhile

Another thing was that I was asked to show my identity card when I bought my ticket 
I even answered 18 when I was asked about my age, lol
I get another one of those weird looks from the ticket seller when I said just one ticket =/

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