05 March 2011

New Experience


For your information, apparently I am in Hong Kong now.

The sofa bed is pretty comfortable and I am looking at a pretty cute cat

Meet YewMing! He is a very curious cat. I think I will have to get along with him well so he won't be scratching me for the 2 nights that I'll spend here.

You must be wondering why I am in HK suddenly... Well, it was pretty sudden for me as well but I am liking it so far.. Being in a new environment and learning to adapt. Hopefully this can be inspiring!

I am couch surfing now! In case you don't know what it is, do google before you continue....

Well my host are very nice person apparently. They are designers as well and they are definitely people with dreams. Somehow we are like old friends even if we just met few hours ago.

Despite couch surfing. There are various reasons why I am here. Explore, adapt, observe, learn, record, self discovery...

I don't know if this sem break is the best time but I never know when will be the best time. Spontaneous can be good, I am starting to see more about this world with my eyes.

This is where I sleep tonight. In Hong Kong, spaces are precious! I hope I can observe how they make full use of various spaces and learn it up myself. Hopefully I can!

Oh by the way, it's time to sleep!
The weather is rather cold but I think most of the time it is nice!

YewMing is already asleep...

Good night!

Location:Po Tung Rd,,Hong Kong

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